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SuperCon Bowl

Jamuir King stops in to debate the upcoming Philly-New England Super Bowl game. King, a die-hard Eagles fan breaks it all down with co-host Shae, a Patriots nut.

Then comes Matt Burns of the Four-State ComicCon event, here in Hagerstown, MD March 24-25th. We talk up EVERYTHING pop culture. 

Big Chuck's Back

'The Landlord' returns. Big Chuck kicks it all around with the crew about 2018 plans, comedy shows and parties. Also on tap are convos about penguins & pandas, Ice Cube, 9-ball pool, spinach, wardrobe malfunctions, and bridging the culture gaps here in the 4-State & DMV areas.

Shelley Mac

Joined by Shelley McIntire - new Hub City councilwoman (brand new, like 3-weeks!) joins us to talk it up about Hagerstown's local politics, her ideas and concerns and what it was like getting the gig.

Fast Eddie

Chris & Jay are joined by voice man Eddie Peters. As an independent rep of Legal Shield, the conversation goes all over the place - from legal talk to El Paso to George Lucas to Philly to music to Ray Harryhausen. Only thing missing is a couple of beers between the three. 

Music Special: DJ Shmoove

Live From The Dining Room Table

Two old school dudes - & fellow US Army vets - sit down to discuss growing up in & getting into hip-hop & DJing in the 80's. Along with its glorious past, Jay & Shmoove hammer out the current state of the music industry: Where it's been, where it is & where it's going.

X-mas Gumbo

The day after Christmas... Jay, Shae & Chris are all over the podcast with a Top 10 Holiday Pet Peeves list, the New England Patriots, Key West, egg nog, Smokey Robinson, the truth about Santa, yellow dye #5, and infertility. Where to begin?

Libertarians Lay It Down

2018 Libertarian Maryland governor candidate Shawn Quinn & running mate Christina Smith join us to talk POLITICS.(!) 

Shawn & Christina speak their piece, share their points of view and we're all ears as we wrap our heads around what it means to be a true Libertarian in this day and age.

High Ballers

Dr. Stephen Bui joins us to discuss posture, natural solutions to pain and his work in the medical field. The doc shows off several health & wellness products he's helping to introduce to the market place.

Then we dive into the past: Growing up in & escaping from Vietnam & making it to the U.S. 

Wood Talker

Local carpenter & designer Chris Canfield of 'Evolutionary Designs' drops in to talk all things wood, custom building, big splinters and about using protection. 

From there we segue into the HR Chronicles with Shae and dive deep into the ever-popular (especially lately) topic of sexual harassment.

Drop A Quarter

We pay a visit to the GameRoom Garage & CoinOp Warehouse in Hagerstown, MD. Awesome interview with Ben Thoburn and a dizzying trip back in time as we zip past a massive collection of classic arcade game cabinets, pinball machines, jukeboxes from all eras. 'American Pickers', eat your hearts out... 

Life, Love & Pain

The Mindfulness Seeker • Cheryl Piper-Snyder joins us to discuss her Alchemy Holistic Life Coach service & for a deep, mind-opening discussion about her journey through the world of meditation, spirituality, balance... All about building resilience while reducing stress. A must-hear interview.

Hub City Dreamin'

Jay & Shae talk up McJobs, Amazon shopping vs. trying on the clothes first, keeping local judges in check, Texas BBQ, and the overall misuse of the word 'urban'. 

Plus, Devonte Dinkins stops by & gives us the latest on his ever-growing Hagerstown ventures. Because it's all Legit.

The Landlord

Guest: Charles 'Big Chuck' Mahdi

The Landlord joins us to discuss Strong Men United Entertainment - www.smuent.com.  

Chuck's history of promoting events since the early 90's, from DC to NYC & especially here in the local areas. The ups, downs & the struggles as he establishes SMUENT here in Hub City.

Dollars & Dimes

Local businessman Ken Buckler comes onto The Hub Show to talk all things historic, political and economic regarding Hagerstown & the entire Four-State area. 

From Amazon setting up HQ2 locally to the 105 Bob Rocks controversy to getting 'recepted' on a couple of local of vocal Facebook groups. 

Brand New Old School

Guests: Pete 'Bam Bam' Arizmendi & Fresh Academicz

Keeping Hip-Hop's old school spirit alive right here in Hub City in their dance studio via breakdancing Hip-Hop classes, the Fresh Academicz crew teaches a slew of local youth that there's WAY more to the scene beyond all the over-hyped bling. 

Take A Whiff

Guest: Jennifer Silbert of the Natural Solutions Group

All about essential oils & alternative medicine via aroma therapy and open the 'spice rack' of scents to discuss the what, why and how of it all. Very fun and very interesting interview, so clear your mind and open your nose.

Get To Work

Guest: Monkia 'Shae' Lewis of 'Be It Success Service'

She's a solo human resources machine holding it down in Hagerstown & the surrounding areas. All about the ups, the downs and the overall challenges of HR today versus yesterday - Gen X vs Millennials. Generation gaps, y'know? Very fun interview.

All In The Walls

We're visited by Jocelyne Melton of The Baxter Group & have a serious yet funny discussion about mold & asbestos in old buildings & the related illnesses - plus, Jocelyne's uncanny ability to detect when something's 'just not right' upon entering any building. 

Also, what's up with fiberglass?

Fortress Comics

Guest: Cody Kimbrough of The Fortress Comics. 

Live at the Hagerstown 2nd & Charles store, we chop it all up about comics, collectibles, Marvel vs. DC, Comic Con events & the overall 'geek' industry. Big thanks to Tino & Mike for talking to us during their intense comic book search.