#112 – Overton 2020

Mayoral candidate for 2020 Andi Overton joins the podcast crew to discuss her vision & goals for Hagerstown, MD. We tackle the major issues at the forefront like the opioid epidemic, education and downtown economics. Then, it’s on to her background, union support, plus the end of Saturday morning cartoons as we once knew them.

#111 – The Banzhoff Sendoff

Headed to West Palm Beach, Florida, videographer & local native Jason Banzhoff  says his official ‘goodbye’ to Hagerstown, MD.  The podcast crew sends Jason off in true, random Hub Show fashion, talking up everything from hurricanes to Speedos. Then, canned cranberry sauce, church, Pac-Man, condiment bowls and tying people off.

#110 – KP After Dark

Marketing pro Kelsi Palmer joins the podcast crew and goes right down the rabbit hole with them: Family crest tattoos, elevator games, casinos, ‘Speed 2’, and ghosting on dates. Also Absinthe, rage peeing, boar breeding, and class action lawsuits. Plus the Squatty Potty & working out your core.

#109 – Chris’s Country Cures

Charming, Chris, Bizzy & Jay turn on the mics & let it all out. On tap: The flu, beer, robots, exorcisms, medical male models, dead downtown real estate, ‘Leisure Suit Larry’, and 8-bit boobies. And finally, the ‘Dream Daddy Dating’ game gets revisited.

#108 – Ashley Means Business

Entrepreneur Ashley Nicole joins Jay, Chris & Bizzy on the podcast. It’s a wild conversation as the crew tries to help her choose the right name for her new graphic design business. Then it’s on to resumes, burning the midnight oil, Chris’s adventures in DC, good cops/bad cops, working with kids, and performing sit-down comedy.

#107 – Aaron Palmer, USMC

Entrepreneur and former U.S. Marine Aaron Palmer joins host Jay Heich (U.S. Army). They swap stories about their military experiences, including Aaron’s two tours in Iraq. Plus, what was it like being in boot camp during 9/11. Then from there, Aaron talks up his Green Line Security company and its involvement in the cannabis industry.

#106 – Clothing Optional

Travel agency pro Denise Martin joins the podcast crew. Topics range from Mexican vacations and the overall free-for-all lifestyle in Key West. Then it’s on to Coachella, to MTV, to entertaining the elderly, plus a review of UFC 244.

#105 – DJ Bizzy Pt.2

DJ Bizzy continues kickin’ it on the podcast. This time all about the local politics, breaking barriers, plus the art of DJing & sampling. Then it’s on to celebrity name-dropping, including Bizzy’s ‘Jennifer Aniston Weiner’ story.

#104 – DJ Bizzy Pt.1

‘DJ Bizzy‘ is back home in Pennsylvania after 20-plus years on the pro DJ circuit. He  & the crew discuss his roots in the DJ culture, late 90’s hip-hop and life in LA. Also on tap: Late 70’s tv, the ‘she mullet’, plus lots of film & Tarantino talk.

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