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DC, New York, Baltimore, Philly & All Points In Between: From the CENTER of The UNIVERSE - Hub City, Maryland - Podcasting All About Music & Comedy, News & Views, Pop Culture, Sports, Health & Fitness, the Paranormal, Everything & Nothing.

Feb 5, 2018

Jay, Chris & 'Coach' Jamiur podcast live from the American Ale House in Hagerstown, MD, to cover Super Bowl 52: Philadelphia Eagles vs. The New England Patriots. You already know which team won. However, the commentary & comedy brought to the Ale House on this night is pure gold. We've captured sports history!

Jan 31, 2018

Round 2 of the smack-talk between Shae (Patriots) & Jamiur (Eagles) as we head to the Super Bowl this Sunday. Chris & Jay do their best to officiate, fair & square. Then, she's back... Jen Silbert of the Natural Solutions Group joins the crew to discuss aroma therapy and showcase her top three essential oils from...

Jan 29, 2018

Live from the American Ale House in Hagerstown, MD, for the NFL ProBowl. Jay & Chris turn on the mics and talk up sports with local fans and sports nuts. Good times, and much more to follow next week when we're back for the Super Bowl.

Jan 25, 2018

It's on: 'Coach' Jamuir King stops in to debate the upcoming Philly-New England Super Bowl game. King, a die-hard Eagles fan breaks it all down with co-host Shae, a Patriots nut. This is WAR. Then comes Matt Burns of the Four-State ComicCon event, happening right here in Hagerstown, MD March 24-25th. We talk up...

Jan 22, 2018

'The Landlord' returns. Big Chuck kicks it all around with the crew about 2018 plans, comedy shows and parties. Also on tap are convos about penguins & pandas, Ice Cube, 9-ball pool, spinach, wardrobe malfunctions, and bridging the culture gaps here in the 4-State & DMV areas.