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DC, New York, Baltimore, Philly & All Points In Between: From the CENTER of The UNIVERSE - Hub City, Maryland - Podcasting All About Music & Comedy, News & Views, Pop Culture, Sports, Health & Fitness, the Paranormal, Everything & Nothing.

Nov 12, 2018

Hosts Chris, Jay, Shae & Jamiur are back in the house for more awesome roller derby action. 

Great color commentary that somehow forays into discussions about Monopoly, fine tailgate cuisine, WVU sports, mattresses, NFL & NBA talk, spitting on people, TV westerns, recent local election results, video games, taxes, and...

Nov 5, 2018

Comics Jerry Harper & Bryant Dozier join Jay & Chris to talk it all up about straw paper, fast food restaurants, breathalyzers, sports, trick-or-treaters, MySpace, Barry White & Barry Manilow, performing stand-up during traffic stops plus Chris' odd disdain for chocolate (& peanut butter!).

This one's for you, Tap...

Nov 1, 2018

Throwback to March 2018 when Bernard Semler II visited Jay, Chris & Shae on the podcast right at the start of his campaign for Maryland State's Attorney for Washington County.

It gets down, gets deep but gets pretty funny at times too. 

Oct 23, 2018

Day #2, LIVE from the floor at The Four State Comic-Con event. Pure comedic gold as Jay & Chris discuss the previous night's shenanigans with comic Chris Ables.

From there, an exclusive interview with actress extraordinaire Mindy Sterling. Plus we get Mr. Eddie Deezan on the mic along with cosplay queen...

Oct 22, 2018

Hosts Jay & Chris come to you LIVE from the floor at The Four State Comic-Con event. From cosplay commentary to interviews with comedians, models, furries, and a dentist.

Plus an exclusive interview with the man himself, actor Eric Roberts

'Day 2' episode to follow shortly. Enjoy...